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Have you booked a flight ticket with Delta by entering an incorrect name? You might get in big trouble if you ignore this part. Well, fret not because Delta Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy is great where you can correct the mistakes in name without any additional effort.  

The name correction policy of the airline applies to all Delta-operated flights with 006 ticket stock around the world. One just has to make sure to follow the guidelines to avoid any kind of hassle. PNR should be documented correctly so that it doesn’t get cancelled. 

Delta Airlines totally understands that anyone can make mistakes while entering their details. Therefore, it offers a name correction policy for passengers’ ease. According to this policy, you can change your name in a flicker of a moment. However, you should learn all the rules carefully for a seamless experience. 

Want to explore the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy? Read further to know!

How to Change the Name on the Delta Ticket?

You have multiple ways to rectify the mistakes in the name. One can use any of the ways to initiate the name change procedure easily. Let’s check out different methods to change the name on the flight ticket. 

  • Delta official site

One of the most used ways is the Delta Airlines Official Site. You have to implement some simple steps on the site to get your change done in the shortest possible time. Ensure to access the manage booking section to get your booking details. After that, follow the instructions to correct the name on the flight ticket. 

  • Airport kiosk

As per the Delta Airlines Name Correction, you can correct your name by visiting the kiosk at the airport. For any modifications, the executive will assist you instantly. 

  • Delta Phone Number

Passengers of Delta Airlines can make changes to their names by dialing a suitable phone number. Share your details without giving any second thoughts, and the Delta representative will guide you immediately. Call us now for help! +1-860-321-4022 

Delta Name Correction Policy for International & Domestic Flights

To change the name on the flight, one must connect with the Delta executives for assistance. Moreover, there are some common guidelines that you should know before proceeding further. You can contact the assistance only if- 

  • You have already corrected your name, and it stills needs a correction. 
  • More than three letters of the name of the passenger require to be corrected. 
  • Someone is traveling to or from India. 
  • Anyone is flying from or to China. 
  • The flight ticket is operated by some other air carriers, such as Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, KLM, Air France, or Aeromexico. 

You have to get in touch with the Delta representative in case of all these situations. In addition to this, they are reachable throughout for your guidance. 

Please note that if you wish to make a minor correction, then there is no need to reach out to the airline agent for that. Below are some of the important points related to the minor name correction policy. 

  • It applies to all Delta Airlines Tickets starting from 006. 
  • All the flights on the issued ticket must be operated by Delta Airlines, including connection carriers of Delta. 
  • Please note that only one reissue is permitted per traveler for a name change. 
  • Keep all these points in mind regarding the Delta Airlines name correction policy

Can I Change the Name on a Delta Ticket?

Is there any error in your name on Delta booking and are willing to change it? If this is what you desire then here are the most recommended way to change name on delta ticket:

  • The official website of Delta Airlines is the best way to change the name of your Delta Airlines ticket.
  • Firstly, you need to visit the Delta Airlines’ official website.
  • Secondly, you have to type your booking details and sign in to your account.
  • Afterward, you need to tap on the “Manage My Travel” icon.
  • Here, you have to enter your Delta ticket info and press the “search” icon.
  • This will lead you to get through the Delta Airlines ticket in which you want to make a name change.
  • Click on your Delta ticket and open it on your screen.
  • Go to the icon which you will find on the right upper side of the screen.
  • Tap on and then you will find the “Edit” icon.
  • Now, you need to press the “Edit” option.
  • Here, you have to find an option to change your name.
  • Next, type the name and then scroll down.
  • Save the changes and pay if needed.

Once these steps are completed, you will receive an email or notification from Delta Airlines which includes the confirmation of your name change on your Delta ticket. These steps will help you in How to Change Name on Delta Ticket. Follow these steps carefully and make an easy name change.

Different Situations for the Name Correction

You have to follow the needed steps as per the situation. For example, one may need to make changes in the first name, while another passenger may require to correct the last name. Therefore, you should know all the situation and proceed accordingly. Moreover, you can apply the needed changes conveniently by following the name correction policy of the airline. 

Delta understands that it is a very tough situation for flyers when they read their incorrect name on the ticket. Therefore, it offers an easy-to-understand name correction policy for their convenience. Just ensure to read all the guidelines for a trouble-free experience. 

Read below to enlighten yourself with different situations related to the Delta Airlines name change correction policy. Let’s take a glance!

1. Correction to the Middle & the First Name

You can rectify the mistakes in the middle and the first name at much convenience. As soon as you initiate the change procedure, the agent will help you to correct the name and reissue your ticket without any waiver code. Moreover, they will perform the following steps. 

  • Check out the PNR to correct the name. 
  • To the PNR, add the OSI message. It will suggest that a name correction is completed. 
  • The airline will issue a ticket as an even exchange. It simply means that you can’t make other changes to flights and dates. 
  • Please note that no waiver code is needed. 
  • Correction to the passenger’s last name

According to the Delta Airlines Correction Policy, changes to the last name can be made easily, and you will get the Delta flight ticket without a waiver code. There are some vital terms that you need to know. 

  • Delta Airlines allows the correction of only three characters in the last name. If you require to correct more than three characters, then connect with Global Sales Support for immediate guidance. 
  • The travel agent will follow the same steps after that, as mentioned above in the first and middle name correction policy. 
  • The only change will be the OSI message. It will be different in this situation. 

2. Addition to the Last Name

The guests of Delta Airlines are even allowed to add something to their last names without even changing their names. Let’s take a look at the important guidelines. 

  • An example of this situation is ANDERSON/ELIZABETH can be changed to SMITHANDERSON/ELIZABETH. 
  • After that, the Delta travel agent will check out the name in the PNR and will add the OSI message. 
  • The ticket will be reissued. Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy
  • Please keep in mind that you can’t make any other modifications to your flight ticket. 

3. The Last & First Names are Reversed on the Ticket

Have you entered the first and last names incorrectly? You can reverse the name without any hassle as per the Delta Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy. To know more about this situation, read the following information. 

  • For example, ANDERSON/ SMITH should read SMITH/ ANDERSON. 
  • After that, the agent will follow the same steps to invert the names. 
  • The OSI message will be different.

Note:- I hope now you know everything about the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy. Still need assistance? Contact the Delta Airlines travel experts.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I Correct the Name on my Delta Ticket?

Yes, you can correct all the mistakes in your name with much ease with Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines must operate your flight to opt for the change. Moreover, only one name correction is allowed per flyer. So go ahead, and choose your preferred way to correct your name for a stress-free travel experience.

2. Can you Fly If your Name is Spelled Wrong?

No! If you have entered the wrong name while making a booking, then you will have to correct it as soon as possible. If you ignore to rectify the mistake, then you will not be allowed to board the scheduled flight. Try to correct the name immediately to ensure a peaceful journey with the airline.

3. How can I Correct my Name in Flight Ticket?

With Delta Airlines, you can use various ways to correct your wrong name on the flight ticket. You can go to the official Delta Airlines website, visit the airport kiosk, or contact the Delta representative over the call. All these ways are very quick to use. In addition to this, after you follow the necessary step, the travel agent will initiate the name correction procedure immediately.

4. Does Delta Airlines Require a Middle Name on the Ticket?

Well, it is not necessary to add the middle name to your booking because your airline profile will have all the important information. If you don’t add your middle name to the flight ticket, it won’t make any difference.

5. Does your Airline Ticket Name have to Match your Passport?

Yes, definitely! The name on the flight ticket should match the name on the passport. If they are different, then the airline will not permit you to board your flight. In addition to this, you should ensure that your name should be the same on all documents for travel, for example, frequent flyer account, driving license, passports, etc.

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 by Cole Sara

It was my very first travel experience with Delta Airlines. However, I faced some problems while making them. I misspelled my name. I panicked and connected with the airline agent. He guided me immediately and told me how to correct my name. I followed the same procedure, and within a few minutes, the query was resolved. I corrected the spelling of my name in no time with his help. He helped me with the name correction, and I rectified my mistake. I must say that Delta agents are very helpful, and they are available all the time. After that, I completed my journey conveniently to my final destination.

 by Victoria Zoe

While booking the flight ticket of Delta Airlines, I, by mistake, entered the wrong spelling of my name. I later noticed it when I completed the booking procedure. I was a little worried but I contacted the customer service representative of Delta Airlines. The live executive of Delta Airlines instantly helps me with name correction. I got my work done in no time. The customer service executives of Delta Airlines are all-time available to help its passengers. I highly recommend Delta Airlines to every reader or traveller. Go with Delta Airlines, and you will never be stuck in any complications.

 by Scarlet Tindle

The Invisible Bumps of the Friendly Skies - WSJWhile booking a ticket with Delta Airlines, I made a mistake. Actually, I entered the wrong name and didn’t even realize it. Once I found that I have made the mistake, I immediately connected with the airline executive. He helped me with the name correction, and I rectified my mistake in no time. I must say that Delta agents are very helpful, and they are available all the time. After that, I completed my journey conveniently to my final destination.

 by John Peter

Last month I had a journey with Delta Airlines, and it was a great experience for me. I booked a flight ticket from New York to Orlando, but I misspelled my name. I got panicked and connected with the airline agent. He guided me immediately, and told me how to correct my name. I followed the same procedure, and within a few minutes, the query was resolved. Delta is one of the best airlines, and I always ended up having an incredible journey with it.

 by Anthony Sandra

Although it was my first travel venture with Delta Airlines, but it was one of the memorable experiences for me. It is a great airline and I will definitely travel with it again. However, if faced some problems while making. I entered the wrong name and had to correct it. I got in touch with the airline agent through the number, and he helped me immediately. I corrected the spelling of my name in no time with his help. I must say, the airline has great customer service. Thanks, Delta for the support!