How Can I Book A Ticket For A Pregnant Lady For Delta Airlines?

If you booked a Delta flight ticket for a pregnant lady, then you must know the rules & regulations of Delta Airlines Pregnancy policy. Besides, the guidelines are very strict for pregnant ladies as some other airlines require certain documents to permit a pregnant lady to travel.

However, Delta Airlines does not have set down restrictions for pregnant ladies. So you do not require a medical certificate to fly with Delta Airlines. But it would be best if you remembered that flight ticket charges are not waived for pregnant women. In this post, you will find a summary of the pregnancy policy of Delta Airlines.

Guidelines for Delta Airlines Pregnancy Travel Policy

The airlines made the pregnancy policy to keep in mind every need & requirement of every pregnant woman. Moreover, Delta Airlines has set down some terms & conditions that you need to consider, mentioned below points:

  • Delta Airlines is an Atlanta-based airline that does not impose any restrictions on travel for pregnant women.
  • Moreover, the airline will not require any medical certificate from a pregnant lady while flying to any destination.
  • However, it is advisable for such pregnant ladies to take a doctor’s advice before starting their flying journey.
  • On the other hand, you must note that Book Delta Flights will also charge ticket change fares and penalties in case of pregnancy.
  • Also, pregnant women should reserve their Delta ticket up to 48 hours before departure.
  • If you are pregnant, you cannot make a flight reservation online, but you can do it by calling Delta Airlines phone number ( 1 (800) 221-1212).
  • Moreover, the airline department will not be responsible for premature delivery, miscarriage, or water loss.
  • Anyone flying is exposed to less radiation, but occasional flights are safe for pregnant women.
  • You should not travel after 37 weeks of pregnancy for a single baby as the labor pain can start at any time after this time, so it is recommended to avoid flying Delta while pregnant.
  • You may travel in pregnancy before 32 weeks for an uncomplicated pregnancy for a twin baby.
  • However, the airline advises not to travel during pregnancy in case of severe anemia, increased risk of premature pregnancy, recent vaginal bleeding, sickle cell disease with recent crisis, etc.

How Many Weeks Pregnant Can You Fly With Delta?

With Delta Airlines, if you are pregnant at 27 weeks, you can fly without any restrictions. Likewise, if there are no complications in your delivery, you can fly within 35 weeks of pregnancy, but it is advisable to consult your doctor before planning your journey.

Further, it is good to avoid traveling in the final month of your pregnancy as well as six to eight days after delivery. If you are traveling immediately after your delivery, then you need to follow Delta Airlines infant policy to carry your little one.

  • According to Delta pregnancy policy, the airline order to make use of your seat belt is compulsory.
  • Also, if you are an expectant mother, you should use an extended belt.
  • Delta Airlines does not require any medical certificate in pregnancy conditions for traveling.
  • Additionally, if you are pregnant, you can book a seat with extra legroom for your comfort by going to the official website of Delta Airlines.

Tips For Pregnant Women Before Making Delta Flight Reservations

Some essential points must be taken care of at the time of booking a flight during your pregnancy so that you can fly without any worry. Look at the following points:

  • You can book a Delta flight ticket during your pregnancy using the official website or connect with the airline representatives.
  • Then, you must share your preference and request them to arrange medical assistance while flying.
  • After that, you should book an aisle seat to make easy movements or access the lavatories in any circumstances.
  • Similarly, if you want extra privileges during flying, you must fill out a special assistance form at the time of flight booking.
  • You must contact the airline agent while booking if you have any medical issues and need a doctor’s assistance.
  • They permit your request and consider you as a case of special circumstances.
  • You must drink more water to always stay well hydrated.
  • In addition, if you are pregnant, you should not wear tight, fitted outfits. You must wear loose, soft, and comfortable clothes.
  • If you are feeling discomfort or uneasiness while traveling, you must seek help from flight staff.
  • Lastly, if you are traveling on a long-distance flight. Then, you need to walk a little after every hour so that you will face swelling or cramps.

In conclusion

For further assistance, you may seek help from our representatives by dialing our toll-free number 24/7.

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