When passengers have secured a reservation in a flight that suits their schedule, they would want to upgrade their booking. Isn’t it? The Delta Airlines Upgrade program will help all travelers who wish to enjoy Delta’s luxurious business and first-class seat amenities.

Whether you wish to upgrade someone else on Delta or get an enhanced seat for yourself, the process can be difficult. The airlines provide upgrades on a priority basis to its Skymiles and Medallion members.

Read below and learn how to upgrade seats on Delta apart from eligibility criteria.

How Do I Get Delta Airlines Upgrades?

You can upgrade someone else’s flight on Delta if they are your companion and flying on the same reservation. Upgrade during or after booking the reservation.

Follow these steps to upgrade your reservation at Delta:

  • Firstly, check out delta.com, the official website of the airlines.
  • Next, log in to your account and search for the My Trips option available on the top left side of the homepage.
  • After that, enter your reservation details, such as your booking number and last name.
  • Once your ticket details show up, check out the seat selection option.
  • If the upgrade of your seat option is visible, you are eligible to choose a better seat for payment.
  • Afterward, choose from Delta One, Premium Select, First Class, or Comfort+ seats and proceed towards payment. If the upgrade of your seat option is visible, you are eligible to choose a better seat for the price.

Finally, make the respective payment and wait for your confirmation. Note that this amount is non-refundable and can’t be transferred to a new flight if you change your booking before departure.

How To Upgrade On Delta International Flights?

Did you know that Diamond Medallion Members of Delta get exclusive global upgrade certificates for both domestic and international flights on Delta Airlines? Using miles and membership helps you get cheap complimentary upgrades easily on Delta flights.

Follow these steps to secure your upgrade on international and domestic flights:

  • Firstly, log in to the Fly Delta app or visit the website to log into your account.
  • Afterward, go to the My Reservations section to check international upgrade eligibility on your desired booking.
  • If you qualify for upgrades, choose from the seating option you wish to take along with the travel class.
  • In the case of Delta Connections, one upgrade would be valid for one leg of the journey.
  • Next, pay the increased amount on booking and receive a confirmation mail on your registered contact information after payment.

Delta One upgrade is usually available on long-haul international Delta Flight. Hence, go for Delta comfort+ as this one applies to all types of flights.

How Much Does An Upgrade On Delta Cost?

Upgrade at Delta Airlines Flight usually costs around $0.01 for every mile covered by the plane. Your upgrade to Delta Comfort+ class from the Main cabin costs $30.
Delta Airlines Upgrades are primarily available to Delta Skymiles and Medallion members. Hence, you must purchase miles to spend to buy upgrades on your ticket with Delta Flights. Converting money to miles, you must pay at least 30k points to secure a comfort+ upgrade from main cabin seats.

Terms & Conditions To Upgrade Flight On The Delta Airlines

Basic economy travel class can’t upgrade bookings by any means. Similarly, some upgrades are available to domestic flights only. Read Delta upgrades T& C here:

Using Miles To Upgrade During Booking:

  • Firstly, check if you have enough Skymiles in your account to upgrade to the desired travel class.
  • Passengers can upgrade the ticket of their companion travelers with the same reservation using miles in their Delta account.
  • Also, commuters must have logged in to their Skymiles account to use the upgrade facility.
  • When you upgrade with miles on the Delta, ensure enough seats available on the flight before making any such move.
  • Lastly, passengers can earn miles out by spending their Delta SkyMiles on buying flight upgrades. However, the number of points earned depends upon the upgraded class they have purchased.

Using Miles To Upgrade After Booking:

  • Initially, ensure you have enough miles to purchase an upgrade after securing the booking on the flight. The number of points should be sufficient to upgrade one leg of the flight at least.
  • Only some planes are eligible for upgrades via SkyMiles on partner and codeshare flights.

How To Request An Upgrade On Delta Using Phone Number?

To use your miles for flight upgrades on Delta Airlines flights or any other paid upgrade facility, use the delta customer service 24/7 number 800-221-1212.

Follow these steps to use miles with assistance when a website or the mobile app isn’t working:

  • Firstly, dial the above-mentioned Delta reservations phone number.
  • Wait for the IVR to connect your call with a live representative.
  • Next, keep your Delta Skymiles account details ready with the login ID and other necessary membership details.
  • If you have already purchased the ticket for a flight, keep the flight details with you.
  • Once the live travel expert from Delta is available for assistance, tell them about your upgrade quarry and ticket details.
  • Next, they will check your eligibility as per your membership and the ticket you’ve bought.
  • If yours is a basic economy seat in Delta Airlines, the agent wouldn’t be able to upgrade your seat.
  • Lastly, they will tell you how much miles or money you’ve to spend and send you the payment link if you agree to buy the upgrade at the quoted price.

Usually, flyers have to pay only the fare difference and minor additional charges to get a better travel class with Delta Flight.

How Do I Get A Free Upgrade To First Class On Delta?

All Medallion members can upgrade a Delta flight for free, subject to availability. Also, they can choose a seat in Delta comfort+ seats without any payment or restrictions. If you have a medallion membership and have purchased a first-class ticket, get Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade for free for your travel companion.

Hence, one has to keep track of their SkyMiles spending to get free upgrades in the future. Use these miles and get higher status in membership, such as Silver, gold, platinum, and diamond medallion partners of Delta and experience free upgrades on a priority basis.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Does Delta offer upgrade check-in?

When you have a companion in a reservation, you can ask Delta to upgrade their seat while booking the tickets. Otherwise, you can do so in the MY TRIPS section after completing the purchase. Otherwise, one can do so during check-in as well.

Will Delta upgrade you at the gate?

Yes, but these upgrades are subject to availability. Medallion members of Delta get priority over others for upgrades at the gate. Also, you can get same-day standby upgrades only between flights across North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Delta comfort?

Passengers wanting to upgrade their booking to Delta comfort must pay anywhere between 4k to 5k miles. In monetary terms, it could be anywhere between $60- $110. Call the assistance number 1 (800) 221-1212 for an upgrade.

Can you upgrade a Delta flight after purchase?

Delta tickets issued upto three hours before the flight’s departure are eligible to ask for an upgrade till the check-in period is over. You can upgrade from the Main cabin to premium select, Delta one, Delta comfort+, and other first-class options.

Can you pay to upgrade from Delta to basic economy Delta?

No. The lowest fare category of the basic economy from Delta comes with restrictions, such as no upgrade policy for these tickets. Also, it doesn’t offer other options such as seat selection and full refunds.

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