Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Looking for a comfortable trip to enhance the joy of vacation? Yes, then you should book an extra seat for your journey. As you know, an additional seat means personal comfort. You can look forward to purchasing an extra seat for a luxurious trip. But first of all, you must learn about the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy for that extra seat. If you want to know the procedure to book an extra seat on Delta Airlines, then it is the right page for you.

Delta Airlines allows all its flyers to purchase two seats for their comfort. This service is available on all flights operated by this airline. If you are going on any other itinerary, then you must contact Delta Reservations or Global Sales service for assistance.

However, the airline can change your selected seat if there is no seat available beside it. You will have to pay additional charges to reserve your desired seats. If you wish to know more about this comprehensive policy, then read the blog carefully.

Look At The Policy For An Extra Seat!

If you are willing to pick an extra seat for your comfort, then you need to know some important points. All these points will help you have an incredible trip with the airline.
Moreover, you can avoid all the hassle by knowing all this vital information. Let’s get started with the following points. 

  • Advance seat selection is not applicable for Basic Economy tickets. If you wish to choose your seat ahead of time, purchase premium travel class tickets. 
  • If you are a frequent flyer member, you can use your points to book an extra seat. It will help you to shave off the extra money. 
  • You can reserve the extra seat prior to the check-in only. Once you have completed your check-in, you can’t pay for your seat. 
  • Moreover, if your additional seat is fully unused, you can’t transfer it to someone else. 
  • Passengers can add an additional seat to their reservations if they have made a booking with Delta only. 
  • Please note that you have to pay the full fare to use the extra seat for your journey. 
  • For bookings made with a travel agency, you need to connect with that agency for selecting that additional seat. 
  • Delta Airlines permits carry-on bags for the originally purchased seat only. You can bring the carry-on for that extra seat. 
  • Don’t select seats in the exit row. 

What is the Process to Book an Extra Seat on Delta Airlines?

Want to make a booking for an extra seat? Well, there is a simple process to add a seat to a current reservation. You need to perform certain clicks on the official site to get your reservation for an extra seat done. This website has a passenger-friendly interface where you can make a booking seamlessly. 

Let’s Check Out the Steps For Confirming your Reservation. 

  • Firstly, you have to create a new PNR with the last name of the flyer. EXST will be used for the first name of the flyer. 
  • Match the number of requested seats by inserting Passenger Type Codes. 
  • For selecting a seat, use ADT. Moreover, you have to use OTS for selecting the additional seat. 
  • After that, one needs to input the SFPD information. For example, date of birth, gender, etc., needed as the SFPD information. This step is required to choose an extra seat. 
  • Choose seats next to each other. 
  • Now, follow the instructions on the screen to ensure a refreshing journey. 

Additional Information Regarding Extra Seat Policy

In addition to the points as mentioned earlier, you should know some other details as well. The policy for the extra seat has been curated while keeping your convenience in concern. You should go through the policy carefully to make the most of your time. 

Let’s check out the steps to book an extra seat on Delta. 

  • Fully Unused Tickets

If you have a non-refundable, fully unused ticket, the value of an additional seat will be used in the new ticket in the name of the flyer. According to Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy, this extra seat can’t be transferred to any passenger.

  • Basic Economy Fares

Travelers with Basic Economy tickets can’t reserve an extra seat because advance seat selection is not allowed to them. Don’t go for this travel class if you want to choose your seat in advance. 

  • Seat Assignments

You have to choose two adjacent seats for maximum comfort in the air. If no seat is available next to your chosen seat, then the airline will assign you other seats. 

  • Trip Changes

You can make the changes to the originally selected seat only. On the extra seat, passengers can’t make any modifications. So choose your seat carefully call +1-860-321-4022 Now. 

  • Baggage

You can travel with the carry-on baggage only on the original seat. On the extra added seat, you can bring the checked bags. Check out the baggage policy to have a hassle-free experience. 


It was all about choosing an extra seat for your reservation. Selecting an extra seat will not only enhance your travel experience but will facilitate you with the utmost comfort. Check out the Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy and make the most of your trip. Still, have issues? Get in touch with our travel agents for help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Buy Two Seats on Delta?

Yes, you can book an extra seat in addition to your originally selected one to enjoy your journey to the fullest. Your flight must be operated by Delta Airlines to sue this facility. Go to the official site to choose your desired seats.

2. Can you Buy an Extra Seat For Luggage?

Yes, you can reserve two seats for taking all your luggage. But the carry-on bag is permitted on the extra seat. Moreover, it will be allowed on the first chosen seat only. However, the airline allows checked bags on the additional added seat.

3. Does Delta Extend the Middle Seat Policy?

No, Delta Airlines has eliminated the middle seat blocking policy. Now, you can sit anywhere you want on the flight. Whether you like a window seat or an aisle one, you have the permission to travel comfortably with this airline.

4. Why can’t I Choose a Seat on My Delta Flight?

Delta Airlines has some special low-fare tickets, and those passengers can’t pick their preferred seats in advance. When you purchase flight tickets, you will see the terms and conditions. If you wish to reserve your seat ahead of time, you need to avoid these special tickets.

5. Can I Pick My Own Seat on Delta?

Yes, each traveler of this outstanding airline can pick his seat in advance. You can pay for your seat a week prior to the flight departure. Choosing a seat in advance will help you to have a wonderful flight experience. Moreover, you can choose your seat online and offline methods.

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Airplane seats GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFERHowever, I have been on Delta Airlines numerous times, but never booked an extra seat. This time, I reserved an extra seat because I didn’t want to compromise with my comfort. I chose two seats while selecting the desired seat. However, I faced some issues while completing the process, but with the help of the airline agent, I did it. The extra seat made my journey luxurious and convenient. It was definitely worth the purchase.

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Actually, I am a frequent flyer of this brilliant airline. I don’t prefer any other airline for my journey because of the facilities Delta offers. This time my plan was made at the last minute, and still, I got an amazing discount. Although I thought that I would have to pay extra for making a booking at the last minute. But Delta Airlines surprises me again. It offered some last-minute offers. I get the right deal and flew affordably.