Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Are you traveling with Delta Airlines? Then you need to be well prepared in advance. Go through the Delta Airlines Baggage Policy and pack all your luggage accordingly. The airline wants you to understand all the rules and regulations in advance so that no hassle occurs at the airport. You may have to face a lot of trouble if you haven’t checked the accepted weight and dimensions of the bag. Moreover, you have the facility to inform the airline in advance about the number of bags you are going to bring on the flight.

With Delta Airlines, there is no need to think about the baggage fee because the airline permits travelers to fly at minimal baggage fares. Moreover, the baggage policy may vary for some people. If you are an active member of the military, then learn the Delta Airlines baggage policy for military to avail maximum benefits. No matter which fares you are purchasing, make sure to check the baggage policy well ahead of time. Let’s read further to know more about the airline’s baggage policy.

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What is Delta Airlines Baggage Policy?

It is very important to know the baggage policy of the airline in advance to travel conveniently to your final destination. Moreover, the policy varies depending upon domestic and international travel. If you are flying domestically, then check out the Delta Airlines domestic flight baggage policy . Confirm your flight booking with the airline, and check out the luggage policy to have a hassle-free trip. Let’s explore more about the airline’s baggage policy.

Carry-on Baggage

Are you not sure whether you are checking your baggage or carrying it on? Explore the rules and regulations of the baggage policy, and fly stress-free to your final destination. All the passengers of Delta Airlines are free to bring one personal item and one carry-on bag on the flight. You have to ensure that one of these items should fit under the seat located in your front. Flyers bringing a roll-aboard large bag or a suitcase must fit the bag in the overhead compartment. Some points related to Delta Airlines domestic baggage policy are mentioned below.

  • In addition to the carry-on item, some items are free to bring on the flight, like an umbrella, a jacket, etc.
  • The combined height, width, and length of the carry-on bag must not exceed 114 cm or 45 linear inches.
  • Individual height, width, and length of the bag should not measure more than 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm and 22” x 14” x 9 inches.
  • If your bag doesn’t fit in the space, then it will be checked by the airline agent according to the Delta Airlines baggage policy .

Checked Baggage

Go to the official website of the airline or install the mobile app to notify the number of bags that you will bring on the flight. Moreover, you can calculate your baggage by using the baggage calculator. To get an estimate of your baggage, go to the “My trips” section and pick the upcoming trip. To estimate the baggage for the trip that you haven’t confirmed, add the passenger and the flight details. Following are some of the important points related to the Delta Baggage Policy .

  • Two standard checked bags are permitted on the Delta flight. Moreover, you can bring up to 10 checked bags on the flight.
  • $30 will be charged for the first checked bag. The maximum weight of this bag should be 23 kg or 50 lbs.
  • The maximum weight of the second checked bag will remain this, but the charge will be $40.
  • The size of both these bags must not measure more than 157 cm or 62 inches.

Initiate the “Delta Airlines Book Flight ” process, and fly carefree with your baggage.

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This was one of my best experiences with Delta Airlines. I was travelling on Delta Airlines to Orlando, but when I deboarded my Delta flight, I forgot to take one of my personal items. I lost my personal item when I reached my location. So, I instantly connected with the customer service of Delta Airlines. The live representative of Delta Airlines helped me with the best solutions they got for my baggage loss. I got a tracking ID with a URL and got my lost personal item within ten days of the request. Highly recommended.

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I went on a journey with Delta Airlines for the first time. I had no clue about the services of this airline. But now I can certainly say that it is one of the best airlines. I pack my luggage exceeding the allowed limit. I got panicked at the airport. But the agent at the airport was very understanding and doesn’t charge me huge money for it. I was very grateful to him. I would definitely fly with Delta Airlines again!