Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Want to go on a trip with your favorite friend, which is your pet? What are you thinking then? Delta is an amazing choice if you wish to take off with your furry friend. Delta Airlines pet policy is very simple, and you can understand it without any experts’ guidance. Some pets are required to be shipped, or some will travel as a carry-on based on the size of the animal. Go through the airline’s pet policy carefully, and have a wonderful trip with your lovely pet. 

Pets are very important to everyone, and therefore leaving them at home while enjoying some exotic destination is quite difficult. Therefore, Delta Airlines offers a great policy that allows flyers to travel with their pets at much ease. Check out the following information to learn more about the Delta pet policy. 

Carry-on Pets

At Delta Airlines, agents put extra effort into ensuring that each pet flies safely and comfortably. You can take your pet in the cabin if it is a small cat, dog, or household bird. There will be a one-way fee that the airline will collect at check-in. Bring your pet in a small pet carrier that should be ventilated. Put this container under the seat available in your front. To ensure a safe journey for your pet, read out the Delta pet policy in cabin. Have a look!

  • For domestic travel, the pet must be at least 10 weeks old. 
  • For a trip to the USA from any other country, the pet should be 16 weeks old. 
  • If you are traveling to the European Union with your pet, then it should be at least 15 weeks old. 
  • Only one pet can travel in one kennel.
  • Ensure the kennel is comfortable enough for your per so that it can lie down without protruding from the sides. 
  • The kennel should have ventilation and leak-proof openings on the three sides. 
  • To bring your cat in the cabin, explore this policy in detail because it is known as the Delta cat policy
  • However, the dimensions of the kennel depend upon the space under the seat, but the standard dimensions are 18” x 11” x 11”. These dimensions fit almost all aircraft. 
  • It is highly suggested to call on the reservations number of the airline to determine the exact dimensions of the pet kennel. 
  • The pet should remain in the kennel all the time while on the board, in an airport lounge, or boarding area. 

Carry-on Pet Fees

It is necessary to check out the fee for taking your pet on the flight and proceed accordingly. According to Delta Airlines in cabin pet policy, there is a small fee that you need to pay depending upon your destination. Let’s check out the fee. 

  • 125 USD to or from the USA/ Canada/ Puerto Rico
  • 200 USD/ CAD/ EUR to or from US Virgin Islands or International
  • 75 USD to or from Brazil

CAD amount is for exiting Canada, and EUR is for exiting Europe. 

International Pet Travel

For traveling internationally with your pet, you have to follow some rules and regulations. Please note that you have to make all the arrangements in advance after purchasing your Delta Airlines Tickets. Following are some of the important points that you need to know. 

  • Determine the pet travel regulations of the destination by contacting the embassy. 
  • Connect with the local veterinarian to make sure that your pet complies with the health regulations of foreign. 
  • Bring all the paperwork, such as documentation and health certificates, at the airport to ignore any kind of trouble. 
  • Check out all the additional charges and fees. 
  • Book your pet in the Delta Cargo if it is too big. 

Read all these points of Delta pet policy to fly comfortably. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Delta allow pets on the flight?

Yes, if you are planning to take your pet on the flight, then there is no better choice than Delta Airlines for you. The airline has a very simple pet policy that ensures teh safety of your furry friend. Before taking your pet on the flight, make sure to read all the guidelines of Delta Airlines pet policy.  

  • What size will PET carrier fit under an airline seat Delta?

If you can’t leave your pet at home while flying to the final destination, then take it on the flight with you. Please note that you have to take your friend in an appropriate pet carrier. There are some important guidelines associated with the airline’s pet policy that you should know. 

The maximum dimensions of the kennel of pet must be 18” x 11” x 11”. Moreover, these dimensions depend upon the flight you have chosen. So always check the pet carrier dimensions before taking it on the flight. 

  • Does Delta have a weight limit for pets?

With Delta Airlines, you are allowed to travel with a dog or a cat. Moreover, you can bring 2 cats or dogs in the same kennel. Just ensure that they are at least 6 months old. These pets should not weigh more than 20 pounds. The two can travel in the same kennel if there is an appropriate room for both of them in the pet carrier. 

  • Does Delta sell pet carriers?

Yes, you can purchase a pet carrier from Delta Airlines. All these kennels are designed while keeping all the guidelines in considerations. Therefore, you don’t need to get into the hassle of the dimensions and weight of the pet carrier. The official per kennel of Delta Airlines is known as the Sherpa Delta Carrier. 

These kennels ensure that your pet flies safely, and it also has a large pocket where you can contain all the important documents of your pet. In addition to this, you can keep anything in that pocket for your pet. 

  • Is Delta cat-friendly?

The answer to this question is yes. According to Delta Airlines pet policy, cats, small dogs, and household birds can travel with the airline. You have to pay a one-way fee during the check-in at the airport for taking your pet on the flight. Take the well-ventilated pet carrier for your cat. 

  • How can I confirm the reservation for my pet?

To take your pet on the flight, you must inform the airline in advance. It will help the agents to make the arrangements without any hassle. You have to connect with the Delta representative to confirm the booking for your pet. After that, board the flight with your furry friend at much ease. 

  • Am I allowed to take the pet to the Delta Sky Club?

Yes, the airline permits all its passengers to take their pets to the Delta Sky Club. The policy will be the same as taking your pet on the flight. Travelers just have to ensure that their pets stay in the kennel all the time. One of the Delta representatives will locate the pet relief area for you where you can relax with your pet.

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