How to Book a Group Travel with Delta Airlines?

Are you Traveling with your loved ones? Or looking for the Perfect Flight for a thrilling Journey? If yes, then you must choose Delta Airlines Group Travel. Flying with a group is the best kind of experience. Delta Understands that all Flyers look for a fun and exciting time while Flying, especially when flying with the Group. Therefore, Delta Airlines tries to provide the best inflight experience and amenities.

Moreover, if you choose to book with Delta Airlines, you will get the best deals and Discounts. Thus, read further to learn about Delta group booking and how you can avail yourself of all the benefits.

What is Group Travel of Delta Airlines?

The Delta Airlines Group allows passengers in a group, which can be Family, friends, or business colleagues. Some individuals think that traveling in groups of 4 to 5 people is considered a Group booking, but now it is not a group booking.

A Group Booking with Delta can only be done when there are 10 or more individuals in a group. So, if you are the one who is planning to Fly with friends or family, then book with Delta Group Travel rather than booking a single flight. However, if you don’t know the Booking process, continue to read further and know the process for a hassle-free journey.

Delta Group Travel- Important Things to Know

Before diving into the details, we should check the few Rules for hassle-free travel. These are:

  • Above all, there should be at least 10 individuals for making a Group Travel booking.
  • Group booking inclusions or Amenities are subject to vary.
  • Any Complimentary upgrade will be applicable to the leader of the Group.
  • If there is a more member addition in a booking, then you have to pay the fee.
  • The person can not book the Flight under the SkyMiles Features.

What is the Process of Group Travel Booking with Delta?

Are you looking to book a Group Travel? If yes, book your Reservation with Delta Airlines; the booking process can be done in two different ways: online and offline. Let’s check out both the ways step by step online methods.

Through Website

  • Visit the website and Browse the booking Choices.
  • Then, look for Delta Group Travel using the Search Bar.
  • You will be redirected to the Form for making the Booking.
  • Then there are 5 different areas in which you must fill in all the details, including:
  • Your Group Type.
  • Passenger Details.
  • Travel Information.
  • If any, Special Request.
  • Submit.

After completing all the steps, Delta Airlines Will send you a confirmation email.

Through Request Form

If you have Canada or the USA on the itinerary, you can fill the Delta Airline Group Travel Request Form, which will be on the travel page. Let’s quickly check out the steps to fill out the Form.

  • Visit the Website of Delta Airlines.
  • Go to the Travel Page.
  • Find the Request Form and fill it out.
  • Provide all the relevant details, such as your name, reservation number, etc.
  • Submit the Form.
  • Make the Payment.

After submitting your Request form, you will get a confirmation at the email address you have provided while booking.

Offline Method

If you fail to use any of the online methods, you can use the offline method, that is, by calling customer service Directly. The steps are:

  • Call the Delta Airlines Group Travel booking Phone Number (Insert Contact Number)
  • Once the call gets connected, listen to the IVR options.
  • Share the Required Details, such as Number of Passengers, dates, etc.
  • Complete the Payment.

Thus, using a Delta Airlines Group Travel Phone Number, you can resolve all your Queries instantly. Moreover, speak with a customer service representative regarding your current or new Reservation, call (Insert Number).

Does Delta Airlines Provide Group Travel Discounts?

Yes, Delta Airlines is Always there to make travelers happy while flying. Therefore, the Airline provides Delta Airlines Group Travel Discount and various services for Group Booking. Moreover, there are different ways you can get a discount on Flights:

  • Visit Delta Airlines’ website and check out the availability.
  • If there is a discount or deal available, use it while filling out the Request Form.
  • Check the discount, and find the deals for your Booking.

Other than this, you can get the discount details using the calling option, call the representative, provide the details, ask for the upcoming deals, get suitable deals, and book your Group Travel.

Can I Make a Group Travel Request with Delta Airlines?

Yes, If you have booked your Travel with Delta Airlines, and now you want to make the Delta Airlines Group Booking Travel Request to check the flight status or inquire about it, you can do that by calling the number and further following the steps:

  • Dial 1 (800) 221-1212 or 1-860-321-4022(OTA) the Delta group travel number
  • Listen to the IVR options and speak with the Representative.
  • Share the required details.
  • Once all is done, the representative will update you regarding your travel status.
  • Make Payment if necessary.

Note: Ensure you provided the right details with the representative to avoid any fees.

What is Delta Airlines Group Travel Program?

The Delta Airlines Group Travel Program has various benefits that anyone can get. If you are making group travel or a frequent traveler, then the Delta Loyalty Program can be a game changer for you. Collect the miles and get various exclusive benefits, including discounts, Priority boarding, etc. You can also enroll in the Group Travel SkyMiles Program to enhance your travel experience.


No matter what kind of Group you are traveling with, Delta Airlines always provides the best ways to book your travel. Further, if you are booking group travel or want to make a request, call the airline using the Delta Airlines Group Travel number and get help. Also, Delta Airlines Provides the best discounts and deals on group Travel to make your journey budget-friendly.

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 by Dylan Ministry

We friends were planning a group vacation, and for that, we were looking for the best airline company which offers the most affordable group ticket deals. Then, Delta Airlines came into the scene. We contacted the customer service live person of Delta Airlines to initiate the group travel booking. First of all, it was very easy to connect with Delta Airlines customer service. The expert we got connected to for the booking was very helpful. We got complete assistance from the Delta expert and got the group ticket booking in no time. I would recommend that fellow passengers to connect with Delta customer service for a seamless booking procedure.

 by Akon bro

Delta Airlines Gif by Joseph Chun Jr. on DribbbleWe planned a trip with Delta Airlines. We were a group of 10 people and were going for a business meeting. Therefore, I contacted the group travel specialist of the airline to confirm our reservation. The airline offered huge discounts on our booking, and we saved enough money. The group travel agent was very helpful, and he assisted me without any delay. I am really grateful to him for offering incredible discounts on our booking.

 by Liam Jacky

2 months before, I and my friends planned a trip to Australia. we were a group of 12 people, and one of my friends suggested that we should book with Delta Airlines. As we started the booking, the airline gave us an extra discount for a group booking. We were very happy that we save almost 20% on our reservation. Moreover, we all had a brilliant flight experience. Highly impressed!

 by David Susan

I have been traveling with Delta Airlines for many years. Last month I made a plan with my group. The best thing was the deals offered by this great airline. We enjoyed extra savings on our reservations. All of us had a great journey, and we loved the hospitality of the airline. It is a brilliant airline for group travel. I highly recommend this airline to everyone!