Are you among the people looking to make a minor booking on Delta Airlines? If yes, you should get help from Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy. With its unaccompanied minors policy, you can get the complete info for minors’ flight booking.

The major airline service provider of the United States, Delta Airlines was founded on March 2, 1925, and since then, it has offered the best aviation facilities to its global passengers. Delta Airlines always takes care of its passengers, especially the kids.

That’s why Delta Airlines Flight Booking developed an unaccompanied minor policy that helps book kids’ flight tickets. So, if you are here to learn the essential points about What is Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy? Then go through the sub-topics mentioned below. You will find all the needed information quickly and without facing any hurdles.

Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Before making a booking for your child, you must know some important points related to the Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy. Moreover, the terms will help you to avoid any hassle. Check out the facts stated below.

  • A child who is four years or younger can’t use this policy. They travel with an adult to fly off to the destination.
  • If your kid is 5 to 7 years old, he may fly on non-stop flights. Additionally, Delta will charge $150 as a fee.
  • Moreover, kids aged between 8 to 14 years can travel on some connecting and non-stop flights. Minor flying alone Delta will have to pay $150.
  • If your kids are between 15 to 17 years, then you have permission to travel as a standard passenger. Additionally, unaccompanied minor service is available for them also.

Connecting with the live customer service representative can also find more information.

Features of the Delta Unaccompanied Minors Policy

Delta offers some incredible features to provide outstanding services to its flyers. The airline is more concerned than you if the child travels alone on the flight. Moreover, it ensures to deliver a positive travel experience for all children. Some features Delta offers are-

  • Sky Zone lounge
  • Trackable wristband
  • Delta personnel escort (available throughout the journey)

All these things will make your child’s trip pleasurable. Pay the Delta Unaccompanied Minor Fee to confirm the reservation of your kid.

What are the Important Tips to Know Before Making Delta Minors Tickets?

Delta is a great airline that works with the sole motive of making your journey delightful. You must stay stress-free if your kid is travelling on the flight. As per the Unaccompanied Delta Minor Policy, you must prepare your child before the journey.

Tell them they can speak to the Delta Representative if they need anything on the flight. While packing the kid’s stuff, ensure to pack the following essentials.

  • A small backpack to pack essentials
  • Games, favourite snacks, books, and any other stuff for entertainment
    An ID card
  • Large suitcase, which is a checked bag for packing large stuff
  • Contact information that should be attached to the jacket or carry-on of the child

Get further details about the Delta Unaccompanied Minor Flight ticket booking by speaking with the Delta live person.

How to Book the Delta Unaccompanied Minor Ticket?

Before learning about the Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minors, let’s first get to know about the procedures to make Delta Airlines minors flight booking:

Online Booking Method

  • Please note that you can’t confirm your child’s reservation on the official site.
  • Dial a suitable number of the airline to get in touch with the live representative.
  • Follow the instructions on the IVR menu, and select a suitable option.
  • After that, one of the executives will connect with you.
  • Moreover, you must submit suitable documents to confirm the reservation for your kid.
  • Check the eligibility of the child and will proceed further.
  • The agent will give you a 4-digit PIN configuration. To make any changes to the itinerary, use this number.

Offline Booking Method

  • You can also use the Delta Airlines customer service phone number to book flight tickets for your minors.
  • Secondly, you need to follow the on-call IVR commands.
  • Afterward, you must press the ideal key to connect with its live person.
  • Share the minors’ details and provide the documents to perform the offline booking procedure.
  • Lastly, you must pay for the ticket to complete the minor booking procedure.

Follow these methods carefully and complete the booking for your minors anytime.


Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) Policy is designed while keeping your kid’s comfort in mind. Prepare the child in advance for a great journey. If you are looking for assistance, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What are the Required Check-in Documents For Children Travelling Alone?

Get in touch with the customer service agent at the airport. You will find the information regarding the pick up at the destination airport. Some documents that you will need at the check-in are address proof, birth certificate, and health certificates.

Does Delta Let 14-Year-Olds Fly Alone?

Yes, children of 14 years can travel alone on Delta Airlines flights. They can use the program to confirm the reservation. They have to pay a fee for using this unaccompanied minor program.

Can Someone Under 18 Fly Alone?

Yes, Delta offers the unaccompanied minor policy for its young flyers. Eligible children can book tickets to make the most of their journeys through this program. Parents have to complete their booking procedure.

Can I Book For My Child Online?

No, you have to connect with the airline executive to confirm the flight reservation for your kid. Share your child’s details over the call, and he will complete the procedure within little or no time.

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I am a single mother, my husband passed away three years ago, and I live with my single child at home. My child is pursuing their studies in London so he has to go to London after six months. I was worried about that because I am also working and cannot travel with my child. So, he had to go alone, and I was confused about that. Then, one of my friends suddenly told me about Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor policy. Now, my child can travel alone to London safely. It really helps me out. I also suggest it to others.

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I was looking to book Delta Airlines flight tickets for my kids. But, at that time, I was facing some trouble booking the flight tickets for my kids. So, I connected with the customer service of Delta Airlines and got the needed help instantly. The customer service live representative of Delta Airlines was very helpful and provided me with all the required assistance for my booking. The representative was very professional and understanding. The expert helps me with every aspect and guides me till the end to complete the booking procedure. I highly recommend Delta Airlines to everyone.