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Had you travelled with Delta Airlines during the pandemic? Yes, then you must know about Delta Airlines middle seat blocking policy. As we all know, the coronavirus has hit each industry badly, and aviation is no such exception. The airlines had to take certain measures before taking off any flight.

Delta Airlines offered various policies in those tough times, and one such policy is its middle seat blocking policy. The policy was introduced to break the spread of COVID 19. However, now this policy is lifted, and you can sit wherever you want.

Being one of the most preferred airlines, Delta always knows how to make its passengers’ journey better. It believes in providing the utmost satisfaction to its customers. Therefore, it offers plenty of benefits to all its travellers. To know more about the seat blocking policy, let’s proceed further.

What was Delta Airlines Middle Seat Blocking Policy?

As the name suggests, Delta Airlines blocked the middle seat during the coronavirus pandemic. According to this policy, no passenger was allowed to sit in the middle seat. It was due to social distancing.

The airline stopped blocking its middle seats on May 1 after implementing it for more than a year. It was the last airline to keep this policy till April 30, 2021. The airline never hesitated to take several measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To know more about this policy, you can connect with the Delta representative anytime. The travel experts are available all the time to help its passengers. They will assist regarding each policy of the airline.

Is Delta Airlines Still Blocking the Middle Seat?

As mentioned above, the airline has already lifted Delta Airlines middle seat blocking policy. Now, you can book any seat you want on the flight for a stress-free experience. Always prefer to reserve your seat in advance to ensure a wonderful and comfortable journey.

The safety of passengers matters the most to Delta Airlines, and therefore, it provides all the facilities accordingly. During the pandemic, the airline had been a favourite among travellers because of the precautionary measures.

Guidelines Related to the Middle Seat Blocking Policy

There were some important rules and regulations with this policy that you need to know. Let’s take a look at these terms.

  • According to this policy, passengers couldn’t book seats in the first class of the airline.
  • Delta Airlines used to book 75% of the total seats in the flight.
  • In all Delta classes, the middle seat was blocked. Call Us +1-860-321-4022
    While travelling with numerous passengers, you can book adjacent seats for yourself.

What are the other Restrictions that Delta Took During the Pandemic?

In addition to Delta Airlines middle seat blocking policy, the airline took other measures also for everyone’s safety. There were certain rules that required to be followed at that time.

Following are the Precautions that Delta Took During COVID-19.

  • Masks were compulsory throughout the journey.
  • The airline agents still sanities all the flights before boarding of flyers.
  • Delta Airlines maintained social distancing. Only 10 passengers could board the Delta flight at a time.
  • There was a special focus on cleanliness and hygiene.
  • In the case of the fully vaccinated passenger, he needed to show the vaccination certificate.


There is no Delta Airlines Blocking Policy now. So if you want to book your tickets for the middle seat, then go for it. Book your favorite seat in advance, and have a comfortable journey.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Delta Airlines Using Middle Seats?

Yes! Delta Airlines now terminated the middle seat blocking policy. This policy was created when the coronavirus was at its peak. Currently, there is no such policy, you can easily reserve the middle seat. It is because of the reducing cases of COVID-19.

2. Do you Have to Wear a Mask on Delta Flights?

While traveling with Delta Airlines, all flyers are needed to wear a mask throughout the trip. In addition to this, all the flight attendants and employees should wear a mask during the journey.

3. How to Book a Seat on Delta Airlines?

You can book your seat on the Delta flight without any hassle. This outstanding airline is hell-bent on making its travellers’ journey beautiful, and therefore, it features the advance seat selection policy. Steps to book a flight seat online.
1. Browse 
2. You have to choose the “My trips” option. 
3. Input the needed details, and pull up your current itinerary. 
4. After that, select the “seat selection” option to open the seat map. 
5. Click on the seat that you wish to book, and ensure a stress-free journey with the airline.

4. Why are Some Delta Seats Unavailable?

Seats that are showing as unavailable are booked by another passenger. However, sometimes you may find available seats. But while paying for it, it becomes unavailable. In that case, you can opt for another seat.

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This time I traveled from New York to Orlando with Delta Airlines. For the past few months, the airline has blocked its middle seat due to coronavirus. But now this policy has lifted up. I booked my favorite middle seat and had a great journey with the airline. I love this airline, and will keep flying with it. I also recommend this airline to my friends and family. Highly impressive!