Atlanta: Recently, two days back, travelers are getting many cancellations from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta. Most of the cancellations are on Delta Airlines Flight Delays and Cancellations.

Talking about the recently passed Sunday at 6:00 PM, it was reported that around 103 flights were cancelled from and to the busiest airport in the world. As per the flight tracking service, 79 Delta flights were cancelled on Sunday.

Apart from the cancellation, if we talk about the delays, 246 flights at the airport in Atlanta were delayed for some reason. The shocking part is that 146 flights were from Delta routes. 146 Delta flights were delayed as per their scheduled timing at Atlanta’s airport.

Not only on Sunday but also Saturday, there were 130 flights cancelled from and to Atlanta’s airport, of which 100 were Delta Airlines flights.

These appear during the end of the summer travel season and the holiday weekend with Father’s Day and Juneteenth.

Checking from the survey, we found that most cancellations happen in North Carolina, Charlotte, Newark Liberty in the New York City area, LaGuardia and D.C., and Reagan Washington National outside Washington.

The issues of flight delay and cancellation initiate on Thursday and Friday. We found out several aircraft are sleeping at the airport due to the sudden cancellations.

So, we tried connecting to Delta Flight Delays and Cancellations to find the answers to the sudden complications the passengers were having trouble with. Then here are some of the statements that we received:

“We are very sorry and are requesting an apology for the inconvenience caused to our passenger. These issues occurred due to the weather, crew resources, and ATC.

Delta Airlines is moving ahead to provide the best services to our trustworthy passengers. We are trying to clear these issues as soon as possible.”

Last month, Delta Airlines also announced that there would be around 100 flights would be discontinued from the beginning of July to the beginning of August.

A press release was posted on the official website of Delta Airlines, which said, “if upcoming Delta bookings change this summer, our customer service will offer the next-best flying itinerary to our passengers that can help them to reach their destination but with some short delay.”

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