Delta Airlines provides various services to make travelling more convenient for passengers. When you need to inquire about airline-related issues and are worried about how to contact Delta, you can call Delta Airlines customer service phone at (800-221-1212) or (1-860-321-4022). 

How To Contact Delta Airlines?

If you’re looking for “How to contact Delta Airlines?” a live person at the Delta office will provide you with quick travel options to your destination and assist you with any additional issues. It’s even better if you get lucky and discover a decent deal on Delta tickets. A few options listed below will get you Help right away.

  • Firstly, to contact delta airlines from USA or Canada, you can get in touch with the live representative through delta airlines telephone number at 1-800-221-1212. 
  • Then, upon dialing, you will be connected to the delta airlines IVR system, listen carefully to the instructions, and press the desired button to “Speak to live representatives.”
  • If you are a Medallion® Member, the Fly Delta mobile app features a Contact Us section where you may locate your dedicated phone number. Your account number will expedite the procedure if you’re a SkyMiles member.

How Do I Talk To A Live Person At Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines offers various services and amenities to make flying more convenient for passengers. Moreover, they may help travelers with Delta airline reservations or with any concerns. Now; if you’re wondering about “How To Contact Delta,” dial 1(800) 221-1212 to access Delta Airlines customer service phone and quickly contact delta airlines.

If passengers have any inquiries, complaints, or problems, they may also get a Delta Airlines representative via live chat option readily available on delta official website.

What is the Benefit of Using Delta Airlines Telephone Number?

For travelers wondering what services can be obtained by calling delta airlines telephone number, the following is a list of the benefits of contacting an airline agent.

  • Reservations and tickets questions
  • Assist with refund and compensation processing
  • Concerns about airline policies and practices.
  • Information about vacation and vacation packages
  • Up-to-date information about current specials and offerings

Furthermore, flyers can also obtain various other services by contacting the airline’s reservation department and planning their trip with the airline ahead of time.

How to reach delta airline customer service phone?

The airline has a customer service staff to assist customers with their concerns. Passengers may contact an airline live representative to answer their issues quickly after dialing (800-221-1212) or (1-860-321-4022) to speak with a live person at Delta Airlines.

  • Firstly, choose five from the first menu, then one from the second, and lastly six from the third if you want to connect to a live Delta customer service person.
  • To check the status of your flight, you must first verify your identity; only then can the system connect you to a live person.


Customers who require immediate assistance with their airline tickets can contact the delta airline customer service phone number for assistance on reservations. Live chat and phone calls are the most preferred ways to get in touch with delta customer service department which you can infer from the above text. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are the hours for Delta customer service?

From 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. ET, seven days a week. Travel agencies can reach the Round the World Desk by calling Delta Reservations at 800-221-1212 and asking to be routed to the Round the World Desk or by calling 404-209-3554 or 800-901-9061 directly.

Q- How do I get a Human at Delta?

Dial (800-221-1212) or (1-860-321-4022) if you need to speak with a live person at Delta Airlines. Choose five from the first menu, one from the second, and six from the third. After that, you’ll be connected to a live Delta customer service person.

Q- How do I get a callback from Delta?

Customers can request a callback by dialing (+1-860-321-4022) or (1-800-221-1212) on the Delta customer service line. There is another contact number for reservations and flight information and obtaining a callback from Delta Airlines.

Q- What’s the 1800 Number for Delta Airlines?

Flyers may use Delta Airlines Reservations Phone Number to make a reservation for Delta Airlines flights. You may reach Delta Airlines Reservation Phone Number 1-800-123-6645 for assistance in purchasing airline tickets. There’s no need to go to a website or pay a travel agency to book flights. Calling the delta airline customer service phone is the best way to purchase tickets.

Q- Can I chat with Delta?

Consumers may chat with a Delta Live Assistant by visiting the Need Help option on to get all the answers they are looking for.

Q- How do I send a message to Delta?

On an Apple or Android device, you can speak with Delta in real-time. Simply go to’s Need Help website and click the “Message Us” button. On clicking the option the window will allow you to talk with a virtual assistant.

Q- Does Delta have Customer Service at the Airport?

They are available throughout working hours at all airport sites and will gladly react to our problems at the airport. If you have questions but cannot go at this time, you can contact a representative.

Q- Are Delta wait Times Accurate?

Unfortunately, Delta’s response time to these messages has slowed as call wait times have increased – at least in our experience. Delta may take many hours (or perhaps a day) to respond. And if it happens in the middle of the night, you can miss it and be out of luck.

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